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Revenge of the Return of the Peak Season

I just realized that our peak season starts in less than two weeks. It always sneaks up on me. I guess it really doesn’t affect me that much because of the department I work in, but things get crazy. 

They’ve hired an insane amount of temps this year and they’re still holding interviews. Where the fuck are they going to put these people? And where will they park?

Even more unsettling is the increase of instances of new agents incorrectly transferring. Not because they’re lazy, but because they are not trained well at all. Plus they’re being hired and trained for one contract but then put in another. It’s just chaos. Well, it’s always chaotic, but they’ve really fucked up this time. Wow. I feel sorry for the new agents. 

Oh well. Another year, another peak. 


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 betaruga replied to your post: “Shock-tober”:

It can seem like a lot, but you don’t have to do it all at once…in fact, you won’t be! :) One day at a time, Mad Dog…

Thanks, buddy! One day at a time, for sure.

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I can barely process the fact that tomorrow is October. Now, I love October. It starts to cool down and it is time to purchase all the Halloween shit I can. A recipe for sheer pleasure.

However, a whole bunch of stuff is happening in October. I need to finish up my classes, which shouldn’t be that difficult. My best friend is coming into town to visit, which is great. On top of all that, my brother is getting married as well.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all great things. But the amount of social obligations in one month is kind of overwhelming to me. I feel tired and stressed out just thinking about it. Damn social anxiety.

No matter what, I have to remember to relax. Things will work out. Things will be okay. I will be okay. Practice acceptance, Mad Dog. Remember your training. Remember who you are. 


I feel a bit better.

Thanks for letting me share.


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I wonder how many people have said, “Mad Dog, get out of my asshole!!” Probably a lot.

Think of it as a free colonoscopy. 

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D’aawww poor thing. I’m sure it knows that you mean no harm. Maybe they just want to make you happy by avoiding you.

HOLY SHIT. It all makes since now.

What if the beetles feel bad for the laundry room incident of 2012? Maybe it’s their way of letting me know that, “Hey bro, one bad beetle doesn’t mean all beetles are bad”. 

And even then, was there any proof that the attack was malicious? I mean, bugs love light. Just like I love the dark. Hell, I’ll dive right into your asshole if it’s dark. It’s just second nature. 

My god. The beetles were friends the whole time. This is heavy, man.

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Let It Beetle

I’m taking this recent arrival of decent weather as a sign that summer is over. Which also means that Palo Verde Beetle season is officially over. Normally, I’d be happy, but something’s bothering me.

I did not see one single Palo Verde Beetle this year.

Not even a dead one. 

That could be due to my avoidance of areas that they are fond of during nighttime hours. Or my force field I maintained during the entire summer. 

But what if my anti-Palo Verde Beetle campaign went too far? I never wanted them entirely destroyed. I just wanted them to stay the hell away from me. Heck, they’re one of God’s creatures. And all they want to do is fuck and die. I think everyone has that right.

I’m gonna turn over a new leaf. From now on, I will no longer spread beetle hatred. I will no longer condone beetle killing for the sake of killing. However, I still don’t want them anywhere near me.


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Colonel Silver approved ©

HUZZAH! My day is complete!

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That song brings back memories :)

I knew you’d approve :D

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This is great. This means I can finally be outside and not worrying about melting into butter. :’)

WORD. Right now, we actually have our windows open. It’s so fucking nice. Our power bill is finally gonna go down.

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We’ve had a terrible heatwave (and we’re getting more of it this weekend). I can’t wait for winter.

I know your pain. But don’t worry, it’s all downhill from here. Stay cool, buddy.

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What is this???

It is 3:50 PM. It is nice out. 

I guess this means that summer is dying, if not dead.

And yes, I do know that the first day of autumn was last week. However, it usually doesn’t cool down here until October. 

I am excited.

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Training Day Five: Success and Epilogue

I never posted anything about the final day of training. There isn’t really much to post. My team did a fantastic job and the training was a success. At the end, my manager gave us “tenued csrs” an award. I said I’d put it on my fridge. 

All in all, I think it was a good experience. It was definitely something different. I’m kinda glad to get back to my regular routine. I’m sure my coworkers missed me last week. I bet they were bored without me there.


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